Energy and Business Mastery Program 
for Magical Coaches and Healers
You Don't Need One More Marketing Model.  
You Need To Achieve True Mastery of Your Craft Now to Maximize Your Success!
Expand Your Toolbox, Master Your Energy, Build Your Business

Hello Beautiful Being,

I imagine you are feeling the - Shift. You know something BIG IS COMING...
Hell, it's already here..
You know your whole life has led to this moment. 
You are feeling the Call - and know you need support to Step Up. 

What is on the horizon for you will require a new you…
A more clear, connected, centered you…
Your deepest listening, your most focused action…

Most of all, you will need to be a clear instrument, so you can hear the sacred voice within you, and create your vital mission on the planet.

To breakthrough your resistance to being a leader, to being seen and witnessed in your most authentic form.  To release everything that is holding you back from truly allowing yourself to be a Warrior of the Light.

To conquer your limiting beliefs around charging more for spiritual work and your own ability to handle the deep work that is showing up.

To overcome the wounding, the trauma, and collective suffering you feel every day, being such a powerful empath. 

Open your channel, master your energy and bring your work to the world.

So that you can expand your Tribe and impact on the awakening. 

Will you be able to handle the energetic implications of these new gifts, transmissions and offerings?

So many are struggling to integrate the growth they have been experiencing, the upgrades and transformation they are going through in their lives. 

They are blowing their circuits. 
Burning themselves out. 
Taking on everyone’s energy and absorbing it…
Losing their clarity and themselves.
Sacrificing their needs to take care of others. 
Doing powerful amazing work but not understanding the subtle reasons that their energy is not balanced.
Attracting drama and difficult client situations.

Such powerful givers, with such big hearts - who will give it all away, surrender it all up. 
Life is a very crazy place right now. 

And I see that most people don’t have the tools they need to protect and care for themselves.
Coaches and healers without energetic daily rituals.... Sorry, meditation or Yoga alone just is not going to cut it.
They are lacking clear boundaries, and healthy filters. 
Struggling to both protect themselves, and truly nurture themselves. 

I believe energy mastery is the key. 

My Light Warrior System is a powerful combination of the energetic mastery you must have and the customized, individual support you need to bring your greatest work to the world.

You are ready to step into a new level of leadership and sustainable service creating massive impact working with people you love supporting. 

You want to run programs and events that feed your soul as much as they support others.  

You are tired of one-off sessions, under-charging and not having the financial abundance that will help you be of even greater service.

You are committed to helping people wake up, to find their wholeness, passion and purpose. You realize this means you have to step up your game in all of these areas.

You want even greater access to Divine inspiration, information and upgrades.

There are energetic, Shamanic and channeling gifts rising up within you. You feel an Evolution is about to happen in your work but you aren't sure exactly what that is...yet.

You desire energetic mastery that will keep you from taking on other's energy and allow you to have even greater reach and impact.

Are you ready to acknowledge the deeper healing/ channeling work that is waiting to come through you?  

Are you ready to receive the support you need in order to handle it with ease, mastery and effectiveness?

You are committed to being a part of this awakening.  What is holding you back?

Create massive impact living a life of sustainable service.

This work is for established and emerging healers, coaches, thought leaders and speakers being called to deeper, more profound intuitive, Shamanic, energetic and channeling work in their practice and life.  It is for those that are ready to bring their unique work to the world in a big way.  

Let's take your life and practice the next level of authentic expression as you gracefully rise into new levels of leadership and global impact.

Bring out your unique gifts while creating a greater sense of energetic, emotional, and financial stability in your life.
Most healers, coaches and guides never fully step into the leadership roles that they dream about.  Others play it safe doing what everyone else is doing, tricking people into their deeper works by hiding behind a facade, or keeping their practice at a certain level which keeps them from feeling truly authentic and successful.

Even successful coaches and healers stop themselves from their true authenticity.
They fear their open channel, the practices and modalities that come through them uniquely and having a greater impact due to the energetic and emotional burden of a larger or more intensive practice.

I give you tools, processes, proven strategies and powerful support to bring your work to the world in joy-filled expansion.

Light Warrior Mentorship
6 Month Immersive  Group Journey 
1 on 1 Transformational Coaching Experience
Are You Ready For:

Sustainable Service
Energetic Mastery
Clarity of Craft
Masterful Messaging
Self-Care Devotion as an Expression of Mission
Surrendered and Precise Open Channel
Moving Your Work out into The World with High-Performing Programs & Offerings You Love

High-performaing coaches, healers and mediums need to manage their energy, boundaries and demands on them personally and physically in order to sustain and scale their impact in the world.

That is where I come in.  I utilize Shamanic, energetic, physical and emotional healing work along with precise coaching and powerful practices to support your journey.  

A lot of coaches know how to teach you through passing down marketing models. They don't know what to do when the deeper stuff comes up. They are still new to their own spiritual journey and healer-ship and have few real solutions to the numerous issues that healers, coaches and guides must address.

I am devoted to bringing solutions to living as a fully expressed open channel while maintaining a grounded, solid structure so that life is easy and fun.

I offer inspired, intuitive business and life strategies that bring you more abundance, ease and a practice working with your ideal clients doing exactly what you love!

Be Your Most Effective Healer, Coach & Guide

These are shaky, turbulent times.  The world is waking up and you are on the forefront.  You have to have solid, centered and effective strategies for handling other's energetic awakenings and healing processes.
Who do you have to be in order to stand in this storm and be a beacon of light?

What you need and desire most is to be of service doing your true soul's work.

You know you are powerful, intuitive and you have many tools, but you want to up-level your offerings, scale your business, uncover all the blocks that are holding you back and be able to handle the demands of being a true leader in your field.

You want to make sure that you are not taking on other's energy, that you are sourced, powerful, protected and guided by your higher self and your deep connection to your guides and other beings of light.

You are doing channeling and energy work in your coaching sessions (maybe without even letting people know it), but you are ready to fully access those powers, understand their processes and be more effective and precise.

Who Light Warrior is For
The Light Warrior Journey is for those that are ready to fully step into their greatness. 

It is for coaches, healers, therapists, mediums and other guides who are serious about taking their work to the next level. It is for those that are tired of staying in the safe box they have created and are ready to be the fully activated, open channels that they were designed to be.

It is for those that are serious about changing the world and supporting more people at a deeper level while receiving the abundance that will support them in a life of service.

It is for those that are willing to look deeply at themselves to discover all that has been holding them back, those that are willing to take action to create programs and offerings that they love, and those that are seeking a supportive, inspiring environment with other powerful healers and coaches that will push them toward their fullest expression.

Aren't you tired of playing small, hiding the truth of who you are and stopping yourself from living your true soul's calling to the fullest extent possible?

We need you on the front lines, fully empowered, activated and expressed. There is no more time to waste!
  • Heal and move past the fears and doubts that keep you hidden, stuck or small
  •  Support your clients more fully, add value and increase income
  •  Further activate your most innate healing gifts
  •  Open your channel and master its processes 
  • Develop energetic mastery so that you aren't taking on other's energy
  •  Understand how your energy system naturally processes and the best practices to make it more effective
  •  Do work that you love, welcoming abundance and ease
  •  Belong to a community of supportive and successful healers and coaches
  •  Create new programs and possibilities 
  •  Design your life and business around the gifts that most deeply resonate with you
  •  Present your unique work in a way that people can understand
  •  Step into a new level of confidence
  •  Up your game and come out of the Healer's closet fully

Step Up and Lead Your Tribe into the Transition

"Katherine shows up to her work in a way that I have never witnessed any other healer do before. She is raw, real, incredibly perceptive and intuitive. This woman has a thousand tools in her toolbox, and knows exactly when to utilize each one with seamless skill and accuracy. 

If you are a healer looking to take your work to the next level, Katherine is your woman who will help you blow through your blocks. If you are looking to shift some things in your life, Katherine is your woman. If you feel stuck, stagnant or just lackluster in your vision or motivation, Katherine will shake you up and send you off running.

This is what it looks like when a healer shows up."

~Ali Washington
Vision Keeper, Owner at Perception Trainers and Host of Real Talk for Light Workers
Content is custom tailored for the group.
Group calls reflect what you most need and are working on right now.

Potential Topics Include:
  •   Boundaries
  •   Clarity of Craft
  •   Distractions and Sabotage
  •   Shadow Work
  •  Working with guides, Angels, doctor spirits, Galactics and your higher self
  • Masterful Messaging
  •  Mission Based Self-Care
  •  Scaling Your Business
  •  Regulating the Open Channel
  •  Energy clearing and purification
  • Cultivating Clients
  •  Ritual and Ceremony
  •  Energy Healing Techniques
  •  Merging Spiritual and Physical
  •  Trauma, Addictions, Past Lives and Lineage work to support you and your clients.

“Through working with Katherine Bird I have moved through the last pieces that were holding me back from fully being able to navigate those Shamanic realms and that work. Now that I am more fully grounded in my power and confidence, it's like my giant OPEN sign has been lit! No longer are my Reiki sessions just Reiki. I am being called to do deep Shamanic work, entity clearings, past life and childhood trauma work, and empower the clients that come to me with tools and practices that I have learned and mastered over the years to cleanse and fortify their systems. It is finally time for me to stop hiding behind other titles, and come out fully to be seen.

I am a Shaman. I am a Priestess. And now, it is becoming evident that I am also a Coach.
I resisted this title for a long time. But, as I dive deeper into my true and authentic work, I see that yes, part of my purpose and calling is to Empower Others in their own Facilitator and Healing gifts and businesses.”

~Flow Shakti
 Founder of the Embodied Evolution Institute, Creator of the Embodied Leader Path, Shamanic Healer, Empowerment Coach and Group Facilitator.

"Katherine has been the most pivotal blessing + mentor in my life. 

With her help, and with the application of each tool + practice she shared, I... 

- Regained the power to be the healer and activator of my own path after years of outsourcing and finding someone else to "heal me"; 
I also regained my power in general and now feel comfortable and safe going anywhere without taking outside energy onto my field. 
- Developed energetic boundaries and became somatically body aware. 
- Felt truly embodied for the first time, even after years of yoga and dance. 
- Excelled in my business (I truly devote this to the practices, because they taught me to stand in my power and be in my own space- but also come out of my shell and show up in service!) 
- Started connecting to my guides and created a solid communication with my intuition. 

More than anything, Katherine helped me show up and care for my super sensitive soul in unique ways and propelled me onward to live my most empowering and healing light.

~Carly Gross, Self-Empowerment, Body and Business Coach

Your Guide: Katherine Bird
Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide here to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the raising of the vibratory frequency.  She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world. 

Utilizing energy work, hands on healing, practice cultivation and deep coaching she shepherds people through their awakening and the journey to become the healers, coaches and guides they were designed to be. 

She supports High-Performing Coaches, Healers & Mediums to Manage their Energy, Boundaries and Demands on them Personally and Physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the World.

“Katherine is a gifted healer, teacher and medium. Her understanding of the realms of spirit is truly profound and fresh. Her talent within the healing modalities is nothing short than miraculous, I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to so much more than I could imagine. If you want to touch your inner core of brilliance and beauty, let Katherine help you fall in love with yourself.”
~Kai Karrel, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Founder of the Celestial Heart Church
Why Do We Need Light Warriors?
Keys of Living as a Light Warrior
Invitation to Light Warriors
6 Month Supportive Mentorship 
12 Light Warrior Group Mentorship and Training Calls
Twice a month live video meetings to dive deeply into supportive practices in a community of people on the path for massive transformation and growth. These calls will propel you forward on your path.
All sessions recorded.

  6 - 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions
Individual attention on practices, processes and deep personal support to up level your power and magic and bring your work to the world. 
One video or in-person session a month for 6 months. 

1 Live Light Warrior Retreat
Experience a live group 2 day retreat of practice, deep dives and ceremonial work to further support your own personal growth and healing, build your mission in the world and get the support you need to take massive action.

***Additional Profound Materials from The Healer's Process Course
Learn the powerful, proven practices that allow you to more effectively work on yourself and others. 
Master:  Grounding, Cleansing & Purification, Working with Guides, Channeling, Protection and Boundaries, Creating Sacred Container and more.

Additional Supportive Materials
Discounts on Services

Light Warrior Retreat 
Investment in Yourself
6 Months: $1,000 a month; Pay in Full: $5,500

(Limited Partial Scholarships Available)

Join by September 18 with paid in full or first payment and receive 
2 extra private sessions.
Join by September 30th with paid in full or first payment and receive 
1 extra session.
Use at anytime before or during the program.

Registration Closes October 18th
Partial Scholarship Opportunities
Know that this is the right program for you, but need some support financially?
Let's talk about it.
Fill out the application for your scholarship:

"Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice on the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul.
I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis."
~ Prema Gaia, Visionary Women's Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of SwanSisterhood.Love
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